What are some good shows to watch? Could be new or even old series.

@KimKardashian ignore all these replies and watch YOU on Netflix or i’m unstanning

@Khlocaine_ @KimKardashian First season was good and that’s about it

@KimKardashian Would you remove the “West” as your last name after your divorce is finalized? 😉

@KimKardashian Love it when you ask .... Since you're a lawyer you might like this. Love movies that would make me think real hard. Enjoy!

@xgreeedy @KimKardashian Divorce is only a legal term to allow you to go firth and screw other people, marriages actually a bond for life and you can never separate that union again. Kim and her children will always be a West whether she uses the name or not

@KimKardashian Well, depends on what you like but Ozark is very interesting! If subtitles don't dissuade you, there's a lot of great foreign series that folks miss out on that are really good! Happy hunting gorgeous!😎