President Trump's indictment (is it a distraction?) and a powerful interview with Dr. David Martin on @KimIversenShow. Yes, there is a banking crisis but don't worry "look over here!" The Podcast: #arrested #covid #vaccine…

@Kogz @KimIversenShow Trump, decades long criminal elected as POTUS who finally might pay his dues does not stop all other issues from being investigated. Ridiculous to just let a criminal continue his illegal acts just because of optics.

@Kogz @KimIversenShow Learn the purpose of a green screen and attempt to use it properly. It looks like you're recording it in your mom's basement. Also, get to the friggin point, nobody's in love with the sound of your voice.

@Gregoire1960 @KimIversenShow What do you mean you don’t love my voice? Are you an undercover troll trying to avoid reality?

@sandibouch @Kogz @KimIversenShow What is Trump supposedly getting indicated for?