You would be hard pressed to find 2 less credible witnesses on planet Earth than Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen?

@LangmanVince I don’t know. There’s pretty much anyone in a political office, Fauci, Obama’s…

@LangmanVince Cohen was Trump’s go to guy for a decade then lied to investigators to protect Trump. Who would trust someone like that?

@LangmanVince You actually paid to get a blue check to make yourself seem important 😂😂😂

@LangmanVince There’s always the Heresey Whistle Blower

@LangmanVince From what I’ve read, Stormy‘s story hasn’t changed. I’m not talking about the version of events her former lawyer may have laid out in interviews. But from her own mouth, she has been consistent. Trump cornered her coming out of a bathroom, no affair and he has a tiny penis.

@rarboy @LangmanVince Stormy helped send him there because he stole from her and others. So, apparently, she is a credible witness.

@LangmanVince Unless of course you relied on Jim Cramer to manage your money.