Belushi’s Farm is shadow banned on Facebook again - I guess they don’t want people getting their hands on the medicine.

@MKMcDaniels1 @JimBelushi @AShamansheart I got off after the Orange man was elected. I expected after the election that the venom spouted by his followers would calm down, but it got worse.

@MKMcDaniels1 @Jerryjjj5 @JimBelushi @AShamansheart You guys check out my YouTube channel Intergalactic mayhem. The latest two videos plus a couple shorts shows what is on the moon!! I have kicked the doors wide open on the subject of are we alone or not. Trust me I wouldn't waste my time guys!!! #newworld

@MKMcDaniels1 @Jerryjjj5 @JimBelushi @AShamansheart Earth shattering evidence I have solved the Moon is the video on YouTube