If you own a Jays Osuna jersey, why on earth would you wear it to the ballpark? Morts, I swear 🤌

@realmitchburner There’s a guy here with duct tape over a name he regrets buying. Wrote Manoah in sharpie. That costs 2 bucks. No excuses.

@mess_hs Lol I was waiting for one. Glad it was delivered this way 🤘

@MarissaRoberto Also, what's with the Blue on Blue crimes here?

@onlyhabsforlife Lol it’s true. Rays should have changed.

@MarissaRoberto I saw one last night at the take, I literally was so confused, he was my favourite jay, I had four of his jerseys (knock offs) the second I found out about his abuse I got rid of them immediately.