There is a reason that the feds did not indict even DJT under campaign laws for the payments to Stormy Daniels. Legally, it's an incredibly shaky case on its best day & a non-case any other day. Which tells you what you should think if New York state does so.

Michael Cohen shouldn't have plead guilty to it either. He did so from a combination of: bad lawyering & he had to plead to other stuff already. But people plead all the time to stuff they are not actually guilty of is the reality.

@McAdooGordon I believe powerful people pressured/threatened his lawyers to resign. I remember when they all resigned one weekend. Seemed like big news - barely covered. Then he got a lawyer who used to work for SDNY. Nothing to see here folks. Justice at work.

@McAdooGordon They threw the campaign charge in his plea deal for political reasons, nothing more.

@McAdooGordon Bad lawyering by Lanny Davis, longtime toady to the Clintons?

@McAdooGordon My husb had a malpractice suit against him. He got talked into giving a settlement. He would never do that again. It has bothered him ever since, though it did not affect his career. I think the insurance company thought it would cost more to fight than settle. (10K)

@McAdooGordon DidnÔÇÖt he plead to little stuff he didnÔÇÖt do (some of which were not crimes) in order to get a pass on major felonies he did do?