Garcelle Beauvais Is Torn Between 'Good Girl' and 'Rebel' in New Memoir, Love Me As I Am…

@MelissaTaylor79 @people I love people like you asking who? Why who? Because you don’t know this beautiful black woman, she’s a nobody? Well, most black people living in this country actually know who @GarcelleB is.

@lovelylucybelle @MelissaTaylor79 @people @GarcelleB Same people going “who” probably are T///p supporters😆😆😆

@dontgobackever @lovelylucybelle @people @GarcelleB Anything but miserable here. But you keep on running with that divisive, race baiting, viture signalling honey. U wear it well.

@lovelylucybelle @dontgobackever @people @GarcelleB I have been anything but disrespectful towards you, Jussie. I just won't allow you to try to make a racist spin on me because I didn't know who this young lady is. You have a problem. You should check yourself. You are just as much a part of the problem with racism.

@MelissaTaylor79 @dontgobackever @people @GarcelleB No, I didn’t put a racist spin on it. Show me where I did that. You said black people love playing victims, that’s not ignorant? Show me where I played a victim.

@MelissaTaylor79 @lovelylucybelle @people @GarcelleB I made a blanket statement that people who say “who” are probably Trump supporters and YOU immediately jumped in with that we’re being racist and political and that you’ve told your friends we exist. You opened this can of worms and now want to be the victim.

@dontgobackever @lovelylucybelle @people @GarcelleB Ok.... So by saying that I'm unfamiliar with the person you assume I'm a trumpet and that's not political? Um...ok. and I was not the one making the statement about telling friends you exist. Go back and reread hon. The only person attacked was me...for not knowing this gal. Cute