Lower Decks turned me into a trekkie 🤣 never really seen much of star trek b4 but now in just a month Ive gone through 5 seasons of TNG like dammm. deep space nine ur next! who says u cant start from the end😎

@MikeMcMahanTM You guys have done such a great job on this show. I'm really happy Lower Decks exists and I'm looking forward to season 3!

@MikeMcMahanTM Just goes to show, every Trek is someone's first Trek, and that's why you should always respect them even if it's not your favorite one- it's someone else's and their feelings are JUST as valid! (Luckily for me, Lower Decks RULES so I'm sitting pretty when it comes to this show)

@jvancitters @MikeMcMahanTM “buT i hEaRD YoU caN’t unDerSTANd LOWEr deCks UNlesS you’vE SeEN EVErY EpIsodE OF stAr trEk”

@BonnieBellG @MikeMcMahanTM You sound like a computer I've heard somewhere...