Fascinating, fugly and full of engineering/tech. Is there room in the world for a 2.7 tonne EV Limo? I think so. The biggest surprise for me is how much better it is than the Merc EQS. Watch here: youtu.be/HYEvgCeS3Fk

@Carpervert When you’re driving, drive. Don’t futz around with the camera. Don’t do pieces to camera. Irresponsible behaviour and bad driving.

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert I bet you’re gutted he was on private land so you couldn’t grass him up.

@MikeyCycling Care to watch the video where I explain this is a private farm road owned by the farm where my office is located?

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert Even if it is private land it still is unsafely even if it is ilegal, also as a person with a large audience you should consider how this will affect people's thinking regarding phone driving.

@MSROPER10 @MikeyCycling There's a lot of thick people out there, hence why I immediately flagged the private lane in the video. I would never jeopardise my licence or career doing this on the public road.

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert Yeah, need to pay more attention to whole clip rather than focusing on your pet peeve. Privacy still exists in this land, hence you can do as you wish on your private land, own home, private land you have permission to use. Ragging around on a RM250 with no crash hat. FUN!!!

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert Cycling Mikey encapsulates why we cyclists get a bad name unfortunately.

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert Agreed, people on the public road should focus on their own journey, and not take the time to look into peoples cars to see what they are wearing, and post it on the internet.

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert Really annoying to watch most of the tv programs showing drivers turning to talk to passengers or cameras

@MikeyCycling @Carpervert And we are supposed follow his advice.how can he be paying attention to all around him?