Now that Broadway is reopening, a fun game to play is “Which musical theater character wouldn’t be vaccinated and why is it Galinda?”

@MrDavidGordon Gives a whole new meaning to "Your 'Ozness.'"

@MrDavidGordon Madame Morrible would 100% have gotten the vaccine but would be spreading anti-vax rhetoric

@MrDavidGordon The southern delegates to Congress in "1776." The cool, considerate men, who have done their own research.

@MrDavidGordon Regina George cause her freedom is more important than ‘an untested vaccine’ (she’s done her research on insta) xo

@MaximusBahneman @MrDavidGordon I don’t think it’s fair to assert dramatizations of real people into this

@_oliviagrace @MrDavidGordon it’s ok tho because Karen got two vaccines to make up for Regina!