🍂 This Friendsgiving, you’re all invited to our universal table. Here’s what some of our missions are bringing to the potluck. Take in the spread, then tell us what you’ll be putting on your plate!

@NASA Happy Thanksgiving to every satelite, telescope, and space junk.

With its quick reflexes, our Swift telescope is often the first to arrive! Like the many different types of light it studies — X-ray, gamma-ray, ultraviolet, and optical — it brings an assortment of tasty snacks. But Swift might have to leave soon for another cosmic event. twitter.com/NASA/status/17…

As an infrared telescope, it’s only fitting for Webb to bring the (infra)red cranberry sauce — served chilled, of course. (Webb itself has to be extremely cold to detect faint heat signatures in space!) ❄️ twitter.com/NASA/status/17…

@NASA Can’t wait for Lynx, HabEx, Origins and LUVOIR to join.

@NASA THis year... #friendsgiving is trending more than any other year.... Seriously... what happened?

@NASA Spacegiving lets gooooo. Having everything

@NASA my artistic representation of this adorable thread : ]

@NASA Yeah Nasal Yanasheal Tel us What's on the saucer dockit?

@RolersonRoly @NASA Hope you had as good a Friendsgiving as we did! 🥰 P.S. We love your work! Could we please add it to our digital art gallery? Email us at [email protected] if you're interested ✉️