BREAKING NEWS: President Biden announces that his administration will erase over $415 million in student loan debt taken out by 16,000 students who were scammed by phony for-profit “colleges” such as Trump University. RT TO THANK PRESIDENT BIDEN FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING!

@OccupyDemocrats Students who are of voting age or Turning before November 8Th, Thank Joe Biden and Democrats by uniting, getting the Vote Out and Voting Democrat. Give Joe the House and Senate with a Clear Majority and then More Good News to come your way.Yes You Can. Don’t whine, Vote.

@OccupyDemocrats @BobbieCicerone TFG stole students' money, now Joe is giving it back via U.S. taxpayers. Sounds about right.

@OccupyDemocrats For people who hate Donald Trump you SURE DO talk about him a lot!