@MarissaRoberto @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Wait…IVE made assumptions? Did this thread not start with your assumptions and mocking people based on those assumptions? Just saying.

@OfSportsandMen @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Hence the entire wording of my last response. Shouldn’t have to be explained, bro.

@MarissaRoberto @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Especially ironic when you defended Pillar for making homophobic slurs on the field.

@OfSportsandMen @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Ok now you’re just REACHING for attention. Get some rest, my dude. Wish you all the best.

@OfSportsandMen @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Again. Reaching. But I hope this brought you the comfort you were looking for 🙏

@MarissaRoberto @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Not reaching at all. I’m not the one who defends homophobic abuse but gets uppity about people commiting a jersey foul as if that makes them a bad person. Yikes.

@OfSportsandMen @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Not once have I assumed the person wearing the jersey is a “bad person” They clearly just don’t understand that seeing that name would be upsetting to survivors of domestic abuse. It seems you’ve also missed the point.. several times. Maybe tomorrow will be better 🤷🏻‍♀️

@MarissaRoberto @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner So you just think their idiots, worthy of mocking. You also never said anything about it being upsetting to victims of domestic abuse, what a roundabout way to make a point. And then continuously use dismissive language when pointed out that you have a bad take on this

@OfSportsandMen @Dapper_Tux @realmitchburner Again, all of this stuff shouldn’t have to be explained, but hope more context helped 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have to go to bed now, ok? Gnight.