Zion Williamson is a more deserving All-Star starter than either Anthony Davis, Lauri Markkanen or Domantas Sabonis. It’s not his fault if you haven’t paid enough attention this season. thebirdwrites.com/2023/1/27/2357…

@OlehKosel as a pelicans fan i strongly agree he deserves it over Davis, also as a pelicans fan i dont think he deserves it over Sabonis - not at all. Markkanen is a wash

@BiezenbosCase @OlehKosel Ad otw to the hospital after the first play in the all star game

@OlehKosel Honestly Sabonis had more impact than Zion this season .Kings are third in the West

@OlehKosel Unless he’s playing twice as well as the next best guy, playing half as many games does not make him more deserving at all.

@LouTasi @OlehKosel Do you guys realize that with Zion on the Team, the Pels were at one point #1 on the Western Conference?

@OlehKosel Lauri and Sabonis (questionable) yes. AD absolutely not.

@OlehKosel Paid attention to what? He’s missed half the year 😂😂😂