@PFF why doesn't Rivers have a Colts jersey on

@PFF This is nitpicking, but I would put Brady in a Patriots uniform and Manning in a Colts uniform for this picture. If it’s about the end of an era, it should capture the era’s iconography. It’d be like an NBA photo of Magic as a Laker, Bird as a Celtic, but Jordan as a Wizard.

@PFF Feel like this image would be more resonant with Brady & Peyton in their Pats & Colts jerseys - also Rivers kind of sticks out here as 'which one of these doesn't belong' - never won a Super Bowl, solid player certainly but not the same caliber as the others in this picture

@McDuffieSZN @PFF He has the second most rings out of all these guys

@GamblinGauchos @PFF Because he would have won 14 Super Bowls if they weren’t around. Clearly.

@PFF Thank god😂 Dudes were old and crusty! Should add Rodgers and Ryan to this picture, time for the new regime

@djones_p @PFF Did u just steal a line from the Hall and Oates song "Abandoned Luncheonette?"