I miss boring brands

@PeteBlackburn What’re the odds it’s the same PR firm for both teams

@PeteBlackburn The Wendy’s Twitter account and it’s consequences have been disaster for the human race.

@PeteBlackburn That’s why I’m proud to be a Sabres fan, the social media is bland and unassuming. The only annoying thing about them is the team on the ice

@PeteBlackburn teams tweeting like this and magic tweeting like a box score tells me we got a couple wires mixed up somewhere back there

@katienolan @PeteBlackburn “The Seattle Kraken go on the road for their first game ever and give the Golden Knights a scare late, but Vegas hang on for a 4-3 victory! I love hockey!”

@iamnotstew @PeteBlackburn "Welp, heckin Montreal scores again. We're down 11-0"

@artvanddy @PeteBlackburn 0. It’s absolutely an intern or low paid marketing employee.