Quirk in the AP voting process results in no second-team All-Pro running back behind Jonathan Taylor, who got all 50 of the first-team votes. wp.me/pbBqYq-cb27

@ProFootballTalk the voting for all-pro and probowl needs to be revamped. they need to have 3rd team all pro too. Lots of deserving players off the list

@ProFootballTalk It’s fitting this year because Taylor is just that dominant

@phanofeagles @ProFootballTalk This isn’t the Pro Bowl, it’s should be exclusive.

@ProFootballTalk Is there a way where the AP votes don't count? Come on,Nick Bosa not making first team?

@jamieisajew @ProFootballTalk I don't think Adrian Peterson got any votes to begin with

@ProFootballTalk Exact reason why he is the MVP but he will never win it as long as there is a QB position.

@WI_BLU_CRW @ProFootballTalk Not trying to discredit him because he had a hell of a season but, you can't be MVP and miss the playoffs.

@ProFootballTalk Change the voting. Vote for 3 players at each position, 3-2-1 point system and tally the points. And add a 3rd team.