Today, Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau and Minister @HonAhmedHussen launched the $4 billion dollar federal Housing Accelerator Fund. This fund will build 100,000 new homes across Canada, and I talked with Mayor @AmarjeetSohiYEG about how this help housing projects in #Edmonton.

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@R_Boissonnault @JustinTrudeau @HonAhmedHussen @AmarjeetSohiYEG This is all going to come crashing down on all our heads and it will be your legacy. Sure you might live the rest of your life in comfort away from the problems you caused but no amount of baloney now will make this not stink later.

@R_Boissonnault @JustinTrudeau @HonAhmedHussen @AmarjeetSohiYEG We're still waiting for you to explain how this will be funded... Print more money? More debt? Are you all taking pay cuts?

@R_Boissonnault Such crap. Nothing will be built any bets?

@R_Boissonnault @JustinTrudeau @HonAhmedHussen @AmarjeetSohiYEG How exactly do you build 100 000 houses with 4 billion $ This is a 40 000$ house. No friends involved yet! Once they bring in all their contractors and politics together. They will have used the 40 000$ and nothing will be done! Where is the money from? Accelerated printing?

@R_Boissonnault @JustinTrudeau @HonAhmedHussen @AmarjeetSohiYEG I remember when you were also planting 2 Billion trees. Lol. Remember that nonsense fellas? ALSO still waiting for my go camping cheque.

@R_Boissonnault @JustinTrudeau @HonAhmedHussen @AmarjeetSohiYEG Where in the hell is that money coming from. And who exactly is going to benefit.