1/ Railroad companies in the U.S. have monopolized the industry and are charging excessive rates for shipping goods, neglecting necessary infrastructure upgrades, and prioritizing shareholder dividends and executive compensation.

In the past 5 months, we have seen 3 major derailments in Ohio—we need to think big about modern rail—improving rail safety, giving people more transportation options, and expanding access to national and global markets are critical to our nation’s future. toledoblade.com/opinion/letter…

@RepMarcyKaptur Yes and the idea that we don't have high speed rail across this country is insane.

@RepMarcyKaptur @BillPascrell Norfolk Southern has the entire congress on their payroll. They have massive profits part of it to bribe congress. Forget about more regulations. It is time the federal government took over the railroads. Private ownership clearly shows they can not run a railroad safety.

@RepMarcyKaptur @BillPascrell Agreed, but please make sure the Norfolk Southern and any others who constantly fail, are not in charge and aren’t set up to make more money off this.

@RepMarcyKaptur Retire already. Train derailments were due to a new CEO making a bad call & putting profits over safety. He violated laws & protocols already in place. People like that aren’t going to adhere to any new laws put in place. Fine & restrict the company.

@RepMarcyKaptur Yes! , Loved "giving people more transportation options" People can't work if they don't have the transportation to get there. We are naive to think everyone can afford to own a RELIABLE car. You need to qualify for a loan, afford insurance ,gas and maintenance.

@RepMarcyKaptur @ericgarland Well, scientists DID just recently discover a "room temperature" superconductor... US maglev trains, here we come! nytimes.com/2023/03/08/sci…

@RepMarcyKaptur @ericgarland This is about 30 years behind. Look how far advanced other countries rail systems are.