I’ll have @Athletics radio voice @KenKorachRadio on my show today at 11:40am to talk about his friend and colleague, Ray Fosse.

@RickTittle @Athletics @KenKorachRadio In the last couple of years we've lost so many All-Star and Hall of Fame quality players. But this one is close to home and hurts!

@RickTittle @Athletics @KenKorachRadio Ray was my boyhood hero growing-up in Cleveland when he was the catcher for the @Indians It was amazing having the privilege to be invited into his booth for a visit when he was in Baltimore a few years ago!

@RickTittle @Athletics @KenKorachRadio Great interview, as always, with Ken Korach. I'm really going to miss Ray Fosse

@b0rnfree @Athletics @KenKorachRadio I’ll tweet out link to interview when I get it, thanks.

@RickTittle @Athletics @KenKorachRadio I can't wait to hear your interview with the great ken Korach ray was a bay area treasure and will never be for gotten I'm 32 years old never got that chance to see the swinging a's but my history of the Athletics runs deep thanks for 23 years 34 in all