A month ago my brother asked me why Canada was banning news on social media. I'm not making this up. I explained bill C-18 to him and what it actually meant. He messaged me today completely shocked.

@RodKahx This will be a huge help to small media companies and to independent journalists.

@RodKahx Policymakers need to do a much better job of explaining intent and sharing facts. Campaigns of disinformation and rampant.

@RodKahx Most people I speak to have no idea. They despise Trudeau so much he could solve the world's problems and they would still find issue with it. It's absolutely bonkers.

@RodKahx Yeah, it's easy to be shocked if you're not paying attention. But I suppose it was inevitable that one tech giant or another would cave in to this flagrant extortion.

@RodKahx There were actual media ads making it seem like the government was at fault so that doesnÔÇÖt surprise me ­čśĺ

@RodKahx Yes people being fed lies from the Cons about the real purpose of C-18. Don't think that Canada wasn't a test case for US btw...and frankly I'm fine with no news on FB - keeps the elderly family members from getting alternative facts.

@RodKahx I was discussing this yesterday with industry people. The shame of it all is that these news agencies are what made things like FB so big. They should have been charging royalty fees to Meta since day one

@RodKahx The Gov't of Canada is working with Google now to bring back the news. I wonder what they will agree upon to pay the Gov't money for the links. Hmm.