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@SIRIUSXM @selenagomez Slm pretty salena how are you and how was the day I across your broadcasting news on issues of bipolar disorder which really sympathies for you sis but I have one genuine and healthy amazing remedy for but I don't know how your going to take but that is really the magnificent way

@SIRIUSXM @selenagomez to cure all that bipolar disorder from you sis salena.. Have you ever listened to qur'an the book Muslim people descendants from allahu subhanallahu wata'ala through his true messenger prophet muhammad peace be upon him so try to listen the qur'an if did have recorded one I will

@SIRIUSXM @selenagomez send it to you.. Here my watup number +2348030766250 talk to there I will send you some.Thank you very much. Plz if you get messages plz try and take advice by will of allahu subhanallahu it will cure that you bipolar disorder by will of allahu subhanallahu wata'ala than we will