We are hiring! 3-year postdoc position at TU Dresden focusing on decomposer biodiversity and decomposition globally as part of the @ERC_Research project BIOCOMP doi.org/10.3030/101075… verw.tu-dresden.de/StellAus/downl…\Mrosk_WIMI_100223_w23-051.pdf

@SebSeibold @ERC_Research amazing work!Can our group join this global project following the standard protocol? We focused on litter decomposition under simulated nitrogen deposition and precipitation changes since 2013 in a natural evergreen broad-leave forest in southeast china

@SebSeibold @DiogoProvete @ERC_Research Very interesting, how could we from Colombia participate in this project?

@SebSeibold @ERC_Research I would like to apply. However it is showing advertisement is no longer available. pls see to it

The link to the full job ad was not working properly. Here it is again: verw.tu-dresden.de/StellAus/stell…