What's the best FPS campaign of all time? bit.ly/33GfQul

@TalkingSMACpod It's ok to be wrong, (portal is fantastic) but Spec Ops The Line

@SladePlaysGames *SPOILERS, maybe?* Isn't that the game that had that somewhat controversial ending where one of the soldiers goes crazy and becomes the main antagonists?

@SladePlaysGames Lol. The "maybe" was more that I was thinking of the right game. I was working at a GameStore when Spec Ops came out. But in the area I worked, it was a game that kinda fell by the wayside because if it wasn't CoD or Elder Scrolls, people didn't care.

@SladePlaysGames I remember @LuRamrod & I telling people about Borderlands & how it'll be the next big thing. But no one reserved it. We were backordered on the game for months because no one preordered the game.

@TalkingSMACpod @LuRamrod Both are really good, although borderlands hasn't been good since 2, I do hate that I've had to live to see the death of the single player campaign (in fps) The only place it's still alive is in VR

@SladePlaysGames @LuRamrod The advent of live service games for FPS is sad, as well as the continued focus of online multiplayer. I'm so far behind on my gaming. I still need to play Horizon: Zero Dawn and I'm a little ways into Halo Infinite. Having kids has impacted my ability to find time to play games.

@TalkingSMACpod @LuRamrod Horizon zero dawn is one of 3 games I think justified my PS4 purchase. Which I want to do an episode on hzd, at some point

@SladePlaysGames @LuRamrod I've been plotting my schedule to try and figure out when I will have the time to play. It's going to have to be one of those things where I muscle my way in and just start and hope the rest of the family enjoys what they're seeing.