NEW PUB ALERT! Excited to have this text focused on #FirstGen stories in hand. Thanks to Adam Rodríguez for his persistence on this project! Glad to have my story among those of some great colleagues (@mderbBostonU, @DrStephenSR, @TMarkM, etc.)! #HigherEd #FacultyLife #SAPro 1/2

To learn more, see the full table of contents, order your copy, and/or request that your library order a copy, visit the publisher's website:… #FirstGen #FirstGenForward #HigherEd #FacultyLife #SAPro 2/2

@SonjaArdoin @mderbBostonU @TMarkM Woohoo! I haven’t received my copy yet but I’m excited to read all of the great stories!

@SonjaArdoin @mderbBostonU @DrStephenSR @TMarkM 31 beautiful individuals (32 including the foreword) shared so much to make this possible. I am forever in awe of @SonjaArdoin @mderbBostonU @DrStephenSR @TMarkM @FirstGenCollege @MytienTNguyen and many many others I am leaving out. I can't wait to get my copy!

@SonjaArdoin @mderbBostonU @DrStephenSR @TMarkM This is Amazing! Congrats and thanks for being courageous and sharing your story!! It is so important!