Crew-3 astronauts test out their flight hardware ahead of launch later this month

@SpaceX @NASA @Commercial_Crew @AstroMarshburn @astro_matthias @Astro_Raja Dumb question: Why can a Soyuz launch and be docked to the station a few hours later, while a Dragon needs to spend almost 24 hours on orbit to get there?

@SpaceX @elonmusk @NASA @Commercial_Crew @AstroMarshburn @astro_matthias @Astro_Raja You go ahead, I am with you. All the space is ours. Going to that place should not be a dream for a common man.God has given you that power, elonmusk sir. You can do all this.

@SpaceX @elonmusk @NASA @Commercial_Crew @AstroMarshburn @astro_matthias @Astro_Raja Buongiorno Ragazzi. Per chi non è ancora dentro UBXT invito a entrare e informarsi sul progetto. È un treno in partenza👀…

@SpaceX @elonmusk @NASA @Commercial_Crew @AstroMarshburn @astro_matthias @Astro_Raja Are “they” really here? Celebrity Captain Kate among thousands of others has seen *something.* What do you think?

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@SpaceX @NASA @Commercial_Crew @AstroMarshburn @astro_matthias @Astro_Raja Sir, On Mars if you explode away the nuclear bomb. It might take years to clean away the nuclear waste as in chernobyl or other nuclear accidents. Hence think Thinking face over it please Myself Deepanshu from India Research lover You may Reply at [email protected]