Is this guy seriously asking if he can have sex with one of my horses? And y'all think I'm the problem? 🙄

@StormyDaniels I think he’s running in the 5th at Aqueduct today. Lololol

@StormyDaniels I think I'm done with the internet for today. WTAF!!!!

@StormyDaniels He's a troll Stormie, pay him no attention. Probably doesn't even own a fax machine.

@StormyDaniels My vote for this is "NEIGH!" Seriously, don't let this dude near your horses.

@StormyDaniels 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Do it Stormy. Let him do it.... Best to have him sign a waiver first. Barret! hide the rape-stand bub.

@StormyDaniels It’s absolutely astounding the amount of men that worship DT! Will defend him till death! What do you recon that’s about?

@StormyDaniels Lol! Somehow that doesn’t surprise at all. You probably already know how many sexually conflicted men there are in this world. It’s hard to believe sometimes how the species managed to survive.

@Lordvader481 @StormyDaniels Because Trump loves America & is doing something about it. This is just another deflection a shiny object. While Dems & China change Bidens diapers his family gets rich & dismantle USA/Trump is dealing with the big picture /ur the little picture did you get past the third grade?