@StormyDaniels Why did you sleep with him even though you knew he had a wife?

Why did he invite me to his room, take off his clothes and corner me when I came out of the bathroom even though he knew he had a wife? twitter.com/TerrySa9382477…

@StormyDaniels Well, what else does one do with a KumDumpster? Were you expecting someone to want to marry you and have children with you?

@DannyRMilligan I'm happily married and a mom...just like at least half of the others are in the adult industry.

@StormyDaniels With the honor and morals of a snapping turtle... what every man wants to take home to meet mother, right?

@DannyRMilligan Probably not but luckily my husband's family is awesome and love me

@StormyDaniels @DannyRMilligan Do you think your husbands family have seen any of your movies? And is that awkward at family dinners?

@UseCommonSenses @DannyRMilligan Probably not but never asked. Never got an awkward vibe.

@StormyDaniels @UseCommonSenses @DannyRMilligan Interesting but feel they know about your porn career. They out of respect and not arguing and dealing with that family subject.