@StormyDaniels You’ve advanced to the GILF category of porn. Congrats 🍾

I guess I have stamina if nothing else. Based on my sales, it is a huge market. Who knew? Something for everyone, I guess. twitter.com/UseCommonSense…

@StormyDaniels Did creepy porn lawyer Avenatti steal your money too? You should go on Tucker and talk about Trump and Avenatti.

@Shawnyb760 That's common knowledge and why he's serving time for it.

@StormyDaniels Tucker knew he was scum. Tucker actually was going after him for taking advantage of you in that segment. Hilarious segment. Consider going on Tucker to state your side with all that’s going on?

@StormyDaniels @Shawnyb760 He's serving time for trying to extort money from Nike.

@StormyDaniels @Shawnyb760 She's the cause of all of this crap and she's playing the injured witch here