Just in from @stockard_sam Cade Cothren claims he helped Cameron Sexton win the TN speaker's race before he and his former boss, ex Speaker Glen Casada, were indicted. Cotheren is seeking to subpoena Sexton's encrypted communication records tennesseelookout.com/2023/05/26/cad…@TNLookout

@TNLookout @stockard_sam YES! How about we just make it a generally accepted rule that folks need to subpoena every damn thing they can from Slimy Cammie! @CSexton25 LOVES subpoenas.

@TNLookout @stockard_sam Why does an elected representative of the people (@CSexton25 ) need encrypted communications? They absolutely don’t..unless they are engaging in nefarious & likely illegal behavior. The only guy more corrupt than Casada was Sexton. Cothren advised them both . #TennesseeValues

@TNLookout @stockard_sam These are the kind of people we are paying to run our state government with our taxes - the worst kind

@TNLookout @stockard_sam More of Tennessee’s best people! How many state government employees and elected officials have been indicted in the last couple of years? How many are Republicans?