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@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage I know I’m not the only person who just can’t watch late-night shows anymore, as personal opinions of the hosts (looking at you, Kimmel) and political bullying just aren’t funny. What do you think about the tone of today’s late-night programs? Do you think they’re funny at all?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Does he miss being on the show?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Please ask @jayleno which car or motorcycle in his collection formally owned by Steve McQueen is his favorite. With so many amazing vehicles in his collection I figured the king of cool would help narrow the choices.

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage What does your wife think about your car collection? What's her favorite car? What's your favorite car? If you had to get rid of all of your cars and keep only ONE car, which would you keep and why? Regards from Fresno, Ca

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Tell him to from a distant relative. His Aunt Faye Leno Scott my Aunt and God mother. Miss her so much!. She married my father Sandy's brother Frank. He will know!

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Do you know that Marilyn Monrovia and Loren Burch are dining at The Comedy Chateau in NoHo?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage How about asking them this? This was almost 20 yrs ago. Where are Jay & Mavis today on the Afghan girls plight?? Why aren't they speaking out and trying to do something about the U.N. or UNICEF in this case? Use your fame for good in the world.!