TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT! @jayleno! I’ve got a million questions for him, and I know you do too. Leave them in the comments. And watch tonight 10/9C on @NewsNationNow. #LetsTalk #Bedhead #GrindingItOut #Banfield #NewsNation @LenosGarage

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage I know I’m not the only person who just can’t watch late-night shows anymore, as personal opinions of the hosts (looking at you, Kimmel) and political bullying just aren’t funny. What do you think about the tone of today’s late-night programs? Do you think they’re funny at all?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Does he miss being on the show?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Please ask @jayleno which car or motorcycle in his collection formally owned by Steve McQueen is his favorite. With so many amazing vehicles in his collection I figured the king of cool would help narrow the choices.

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Tell him to from a distant relative. His Aunt Faye Leno Scott my Aunt and God mother. Miss her so much!. She married my father Sandy's brother Frank. He will know!

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Do you know that Marilyn Monrovia and Loren Burch are dining at The Comedy Chateau in NoHo?

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Good evening, Ashleigh; at least from my European location, it IS evening now ... May I note that you make a much more lively impression (in the private/no make-up-look) than on TV?😊 I hope, this doesn't sound weirder than it's meant, but I thought, I should mention that. 😉💐

@TVAshleigh @jayleno @NewsNationNow @LenosGarage Dear Jay. You’re a good person. Trust me on this.