Happy 24th Birthday in heaven Gabby. Your beauty and light keeps shining through in all of us. #gabbypetito I miss you my sweet angel. 🦋❤️😭

@TaraPetito My precious daughter Lindsay was murdered by her ex-boyfriend at the age of 26. He, too, killed himself. I followed the search for Gabby so intensely, and was and am so very angry at her murder. What gives them the right? My heart breaks for you all. We are their voices now. 💔

@TaraPetito She was/is an Angel! Sending prayers to you.💕🙏🏻

@TaraPetito @SeanB87992235 Her light is shining bright in people like me who where touched by her as a Angel I beloved in Angels before but now I know because of the signs that she gives me and others