Drive anywhere in the US using the Supercharger network, now in all 50 states

@Tesla Serious question. How do you plan to deal with the blackouts across the country from the strain on the already outdated power grid made for gas cars. The amount of power you would need to charge a city of electric cars is insane. Charging stations would basically be substations

@Tesla @elonmusk Sir, you are making amazing cars, we are very impressed with this but you should make such tires that never puncture,need some latest technology like double layer Tyre if 1 layer is puncture another layer support automatically.

@Tesla @elonmusk A door handle that heats up in the winter time would also be a great feature cold weather with snow and ice freezes the handles and makes it hard to get in. I climbed in thru the back.. improvised..

@Tesla @elonmusk What is next? Something like this would be cool too but, electric, of course:

@goldraven623 @Tesla Answer is tesla solar panels and power wall which will cost YOU 70k(atleast for my house)

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