Many laugh at Elon for buying Twitter for $44B, but these people won’t be laughing in the future when it become the largest social media company in the world. 🐦📈 @elonmusk

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk Like I keep saying we’re just getting started.. it’s endless, but you Gotta be cool

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk Elon invites the world to participate. It’s that simple…

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk 👏👏👏👏@elonmusk legend my boetie. Loving it. They all said you couldn’t do it.

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk Elon buying Twitter may go down as the most important purchases of anything in American history, ever (ok maybe Louisiana purchase but you know what I mean). So much information has come to light since the Twitter acquisition. I feel both sides of the American isle are……

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk Elon has opened the door for us in a new unit of time. Twitter is and will continue to be the platform for “we the people.” Thank you again Elon.

@Teslaconomics @elonmusk He did admittedly over pay even from his own words, but yeah, I suspect it will be massive with what he has planned for it in the coming years.