I have sports anxiety. I'm afraid to follow a team, or start caring because I'm worried bro dudes are literally gonna be: "Oh, you like TEAM? Name all their players, rank, stats and championship wins; I'll wait" It's why I don't like sports.

@Captain_Quench Don't let people gatekeep you, regardless of your interest. Every fan starts somewhere, and usually it's inherited or they follow the best team when they're a kid.

@Captain_Quench Pick a team and start following them. See if they have a vibrant community, maybe a subreddit, and be honest about learning/being new. Most people will just be happy you're there and supporting the team.

@ThatBShar @Captain_Quench 25 years ago, I didn't have reddit, or any of that - but when the Oilers left Houston - I needed a team to support. So...I picked the Panthers. I just picked them, no reasoning behind it besides they were new. Brian can tell you, I picked a pretty welcoming fanbase.

@Nelstar15 @ThatBShar I might just do an NHL and NFL team randomizer and go from there. I like how so many people are coming with shared experiences, really making me feel okay about this all, and hopeful.

@Captain_Quench @Nelstar15 Not a bad way to start. Could also just pick the teams that appeal to you.

@Captain_Quench @Nelstar15 Getting in on the ground floor is also an awesome opportunity as a fan. You're part of history, from first game to first goal.

@ThatBShar @Nelstar15 This has been a super positive thread and my views on sports have significantly changed.