This is @IAMJHUD and me singing ‘And I Am Telling You’ in a bathroom back in the day. I’m really gonna miss this job.

@TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD I think after the show ends, you need to release an album! Love this segment, Ellen!

@TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD My son and I saw this the other day it was brilliant I loved watching Jennifers face once in a while looking over at you it was so funny son is a flight attendant and he met her on a flight still have their pic

@TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD Mahal po kita, ma-miss ko po yung show mo. Mabuhay ka Ellen!

@TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD You certainly will be missed, I don’t know what’s ahead in your journey, I do know you bring out the positive energy so desperately needed in our broken society. On my list of wish we shared a cup of coffee together

@TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD This was great! 🎵🎶 I can’t believe 🥺this is your last season Ellen😭the🔚. I tried for YEARS 😔to get tickets to your show… if I had a 🧞‍♀️ in a bottle, guess what my wish would be🤔? Yup, 👍go see my fav girl ED🤩 in Cali. #EllensFinalSeason

@Kat62385094 @TheEllenShow @IAMJHUD Me and my son watched it too and it was AMAZING! @TheEllenShow sounded real good as well!