.@jasonsudeikis talks about getting ready to host #SNL for the first time.

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis 🥰 @jasonsudeikis is about to host #SNL for the first time. [Love him as Ted Lasso, such a lovable character!]

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis He's great in Ted Lasso. Well written show, with great cast. It's funny and it's sad, like life.

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis I love this guy, I just hope he finds real love too.

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis 永远不可能有疫苗,所有的疫苗都是假的,因为它是生化武器。 这就是真相! 郭文贵先生 2021.04.21直播 There can never be vaccines,all vaccines are phony,because it's a bioweapon. This is the truth ! -- Miles guo 2021.04.21 live broadcast.

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@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis Hi Ellen! I’ve been Vaccinating NYers since January. Today I lose my job and am unemployable as an unvaccinated Nyer. I am medically ineligible for vaccine.

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis American Idol 2018 Catie Turner Flashback❤️ Catie's Audition youtu.be/u_2GjbvrX7w?t=1. Catie 2021 now signed to @AtlanticRecords with her songs from New EP Push You Away youtu.be/XSOoEyuQ54A?t=1 and🎶 Therapy youtu.be/31_OahBifes?t=1. Ellen please invite Catie before your last show.

@TheEllenShow @jasonsudeikis My name is Sivosethu Ndubela 21 years old from SA🇿🇦 I am the Author of the book “Miracle Girl” I was orphaned at the age of 13 years and few years later I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening heart condition and underwent 2 heart surgeries. My dream is to be on Ellen show❤️