Can you guess what @official_tWitch was reacting to in this game?

@TheEllenShow @official_tWitch A certain comedian’s recent stand up show in which said comedian referenced the #LGBTQ community as “The Alphabet People”… Albeit creative, yet tasteless and not at all funny.

@TheEllenShow @official_tWitch For starters, menopause is ruled by the Moon. With the Moon progressing through Leo in your 5th household, expect more cheering, laughter and fun in your last season. 😍🤍

@TheEllenShow @official_tWitch My name is Sivosethu Ndubela 21 years old from SA🇿🇦 I am the Author of the book “Miracle Girl” I was orphaned at the age of 13 years and few years later I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening heart condition and underwent 2 heart surgeries. My dream is to be on Ellen show❤️

@TheEllenShow @official_tWitch Love love him, makes me laugh and wish I could dance like him. But unable, bad knees.