Happy #NationalComingOutDay! If you’re ready to come out, great! If not, that’s okay too. Take your time. But never lose who you are.

@TheEllenShow Thank you, Ellen. You, specifically, helped me to come out years ago. Your courage to be authentic gave me strength.

@TheEllenShow @braeden_quinn My name is Sivosethu Ndubela 21 years old from SA🇿🇦 I am the Author of the book “Miracle Girl” I was orphaned at the age of 13 years and few years later I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening heart condition and underwent 2 heart surgeries. My dream is to be on Ellen show❤️

@TheEllenShow @braeden_quinn Thank you Ellen for being that voice for all of us and being brave and coming out and be true to yourself! I admire you so much! I hope I can get the same courage to do the same someday! Love you so much Ellen!❤🇨🇦🌈