.@JayShettyIW and I talked about the Instagram and Facebook outages last week.

@TheEllenShow @JayShettyIW I really love you Ellen... great one there ❤️😘

@TheEllenShow @JayShettyIW Well, I was in my break from social so I did not notice it? Wow!

@TheEllenShow @JayShettyIW Hello, I'm trying to contact Tyler Perry, Ellen, Oprah, Steve Harvey, Ricky Smiley and I will do this everyday until I hear back I want new opportunities and I want one of you to take a chance on me even if it's just pointing me in the correct direction.

@TheEllenShow @JayShettyIW Hi! Me and my friend Carolyn we are your fans we watch your show sometimes when we working and we was talking and saying that will such bless and amazing to meet her and ask he Ellen would you like to share or donate something to us?

@TheEllenShow @JayShettyIW Talking about no social media wen it was not Facebook or instagram I’m sure a lot people it was freaking out, but actually help us to have more time to talk about us and our memories with our family.!