.@howiemandel loves his Ellen underwear and he showed me just how much today.

@TheEllenShow @howiemandel Her show has gotten me through many moments good and not so good! Don’t leave! We need you #boymomadoptedthreebrothers

@TheEllenShow @EllenD_FC @howiemandel I just love Howie. There is no one like him. He is down to earth and so very naturally funny. A male version of Ellen. Ellen you will be missed. I hope we get to see you again on TV even if on someone's show. Love both of you. ♥️♥️

@Michael88598631 @TheEllenShow @EllenD_FC @howiemandel He’s genuine. Ellen isn’t. Ellen is known for not being nice when the cameras are off. Howie on the other hand, I’ve watched him in many youtubers vlogs over the years, he’s Always nice, honest and genuine.

@TheEllenShow @howiemandel Yes I lo miss you like I need air or a flower needs water and love ❤️ 💋😭🥺☺️🤣🙏