My skincare line #KindScience is coming soon and I want to give a lucky winner 2 tickets to my #12daysofGiveaways. Sign up at AND follow us on Instagram at @ KindScience to be entered to win.

@TheEllenShow So can’t wait to be using what you’re using Ellen because you look positively AMAZING ♥️ #KindScience #12daysofGiveaways

@TheEllenShow I will definitely enter Ellen! It is my dream to come to your talkshow! Love you so much Ellen!❤🇨🇦

@TheEllenShow Wait, I've done the two tickets for 12 days of giveaways = 6 days each worth of presents!!! Ya'll don't settle for just lotion. LOL.

@Brittan21552311 @TheEllenShow So did you find out if we can enter ??🇨🇦🇨🇦

@TheEllenShow First of all, you're looking so pretty in that picture and secondly, I'm in! ;)

@1Direct35352653 @TheEllenShow Nice 😊 you’re launching on my birthday 26th of October. Yay for me 😂💕🤙