Happy #NationalTriviaDay! Did you know the average person loses 628 pounds of skin in a given year? Now you won’t be able to sleep tonight either.

@TheEllenShow To think there are people who don't dust or vacuum daily...

@TheEllenShow I think we need a fact checker here. This can not possibly be correct.

@TheEllenShow One of my favorite pieces of trivia is that Jimmy Hoffa's middle name was RIDDLE. Pretty ironic considering the location of his remains is such a mystery... almost like a riddle.

@ipedalz @TheEllenShow i deep clean 3 or 4 x daily... i live alone so i get bored, smoke, clean & paint 2 keep busy lol

@TheEllenShow Ellen, If that’s true I should be Toothpick THIN Ellen !!! Lol Have an amazing day 💞