La grosse patata au studio on sait pas si c’est ⁦@PNLMusic⁩ et ⁦@torylanez⁩ qui ont fait un feat ou c’est juste deux enfoirers du sud de la France qui envoie des grosses patates au mic comme ⁦@francis_ngannou⁩ 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️#happynewyears #pnl #torylanez #studiotime

When it comes to science experiments – the bigger, the better.

@TheEllenShow Israel attacks the Palestinians in a way that is against international law and does not allow them to obtain their basic needs.

@TheEllenShow I am kinda jealous at ya, @TheEllenShow, you get to do all the cool stuff. 😉 I love these segments.

@TheEllenShow Hey ellen come on. That is crazy???? I get skin allergies from mosquitoes pricks. If you look at them they look like allien destroyal machinery.

@TheEllenShow #fashion #DIY #Barbie #crochet #design I'm still learning to designs different types of fashion style. I hope you like it.