When @JohnCena was 12 years old, he received a Christmas gift that changed his life.

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena Why are you talking to an empty chair? Anybody else find that weird?

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena John Cena : I talk trash . Iam the greatest of all time . Edge : hold my spear .

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena I didn’t receive a Christmas gift that changed my life, A. Because I’m Jewish and B. I did just received something today that is going to change my life for the better. I really want to share that with you @TheEllenShow , since non of my letter never got near you

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena His best gift has to be when China gave him Taiwan !

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena Just asking: When does Ellen tape her show? Cuz right now (1-13-22) she should limit her audience. Yes?

@TheEllenShow @JohnCena Ellen Disingenuous do not darken my door..