This mentalist’s abilities left me speechless.

@TheEllenShow Big fan , love ❤️ your gorilla conservation project. Any plans on helping the widows and orphans in Ukraine when Russia attacks and the USA punishment is financial sanctions? What is happening to one country, united? Democracy should not be about power but people!

@TheEllenShow The masked audience is such a depressing sight

@DeBruyn2 @TheEllenShow Not sure if you are aware, but neither Russia nor Ukraine are part of the U.S. Maybe you should ask the U.N. this question? It shouldn't be on one person's shoulders. Nor should it be on the U.S.'s shoulders.

@TheEllenShow How the heck did I think of a giraffe too!?

@TheEllenShow I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan and I hope she comes on for Ellen's final season but I'm sorry the business card he cut did not look like my girl Taylor! 😏

@TheEllenShow Can't wait to meet you soon! Ellen DeGeneres BENEFACTRESS PHILANTHROPIST CG