Today I got back in touch with Hillary, who thought I was in the room with her when she had her wisdom teeth removed back in Season 8.

@TheEllenShow Ellen all I want to do in life is meet you and play Make it Rain !!!! Any chances?? 😉

@TheEllenShow Lol I had a manic episode due to my bipolar disorder and SWORE you were directly speaking to me through the television once.

@TheEllenShow So funny! I also hope you have Elinore on the phone again for your last season.. I loved her!

@TheEllenShow ~I forget how sneaky the Ellen crew is, sometimes. 🤣

@TheEllenShow Time flies. Wow. Kind of sad that much time has passed.

@TheEllenShow Ellen you will NEVER know how much I appreciate you! During the hardest time in my life you helped my daughter & I laugh and smile again! Thank you for being YOU!

@TheEllenShow You have been so motivating. Thanks for being during those sad days…I finally won Sole Guardianship of my daughter after a grueling 10 year divorce. Thanks for making me smile even when I was crying! Thanks for the laughs🤣❤️