Happy birthday @OfficialJLD! I love talking to you, laughing with you, and socially-distanced hiking with you.

@TheEllenShow @OfficialJLD A FLOR ESTÁ FORA A Flor está fora a floresta aflora a floresta atlântica quântica: Fora! O azul que invade o meu vale se verde.... Ouça e veja a letra completa: youtube.com/watch?v=KGDP3h…

@TheEllenShow @OfficialJLD In the prisons of Bashar Al Assad, we have friends and friends we don't know about who are being subjected to the cruellest forms of torture. @hrw_ar @USUN @AmnestyAR #SaveTheSyrianDetainees#بدنا_المعتقلين

@TheEllenShow @OfficialJLD Human freedom is the most basic of all human rights. Why should we kill while demanding it @hrw_ar @USUN @AmnestyAR #SaveTheSyrianDetainees#بدنا_المعتقلين

@TheEllenShow @OfficialJLD Our prisoners are being psychologically and physically abused. Help us release them. @hrw_ar @USUN @AmnestyAR #SaveTheSyrianDetainees#بدنا_المعتقلين

@TheEllenShow @OfficialJLD Hii beautiful place injoi my daughter birthday 13 January

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