In Season 16 I introduced two of my favorite kid experts, Nate and Landon, and they’re still best friends to this day.

@TheEllenShow And WE as "big people" think we've got it figured out? Pffftt!! I beg to differ! Best two rules EVER!

@TheEllenShow How hard did you have to harass your workers for this episode to air smoothly

@TheEllenShow I remember these two Ellen! Love Landon and Nate! They are so cute! I hope to see them on again before your done your last season!❤🇨🇦

@TheEllenShow Hi Ellen! @TheEllenShow My daughter Chi is a big fan of your show & wanted to ask if you would like any Girl Scouts cookies? I can imagine her excited face if this could happen for her! 😍…

@TheEllenShow Absolutely love these two young lads. Adults can learn a lot from many of the youth in our world if we just give them a chance.

@TheEllenShow Two rules that Nate have are the rules we all need in our lives

@TheEllenShow So neat. I have a best friend, We met when she was six months old. We are 69 and 68 and are still best friends. She’s the best, Landon and Nate, see how special friends are. Always stay in touch…

@TheEllenShow So glad she still has her show on the air. Great job ellen

@MarchionGerri @TheEllenShow That's awesome! A friendship like that is worth more than gold!