The best part of this show was getting to do things like this.

@TheEllenShow Maybe you should of acted more like a professional then huh? LMAO

@TheEllenShow Please @TheEllenShow as a animal lover help me. I don’t beg or ask but she is worth it she needs surgery or retweet to follower to help please

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@TheEllenShow Please help 😭 I have absolutely nobody to help me and I'm about to be homeless in less then a week.. I've tried to help all ppl when they need it only to find myself suffering in the end.why ? I love to help ppl .. always. But nobody cares back 😭…

@TheEllenShow Wow!!! And you don't even know them .. you just helped out of the goodness of your heart !! That's the feeling that I love to have makes me very happy .. needing help is an awful feeling that I don't wish on anyone ..u must have so many ppl needing you ! I'm so sorry!